The TWS specializes in providing the complete package of piping for chemical, petrochemical and food industries. TWS also produces standard and custom fittings high pressure according to ANSI B16.11 , BS 3799 , MSS -Sp . The range is very wide : from 1 /4 " to 4" in size ; series from 3000 lbs to 9000 lbs for operating pressures ; from carbon steel (ASTM A105 , A106 / B) , stainless steels ( F304L , F316L ), to the alloy or low alloy steels . We have optimized the advantages of large company, while our mid-size allow us to be closer to the needs of our customers. It is precisely for this reason that every day more and more customers believe in us . The piping is the primary means for pumping and distribution of fluids and gases and is governed by regulations and safety specifications that make it one of the parties technically more complex to define. Thanks to the experience of our technical staff , aware of the importance of the specifications that govern this area of activity, TWS provides its customers with products that meet the most important regulations with European, American and Japanese .


Our manufacturing plant is specialized in the production of parts and standard fittings, flanges and high pressure ball valve according to ANSI B16.11, BS 3799, MSS-SP, EN.


Our offices are located downtown Lissone (MB) where professionals are working and are available for any type of information or request for a quote. You can contact us directly or call our office or fill out the contact form to which we will reply as soon as possible.


Our staff and its expertise is available to our Italian and foreign customers.